Compressed Air Dryer


The AirWave Eco-Dry refrigerated dryers are the ideal
soloution for removing water from the compressed air.
Ranging from 40cfm-240cfm

Dryer Controller

Digital controller with LED display. Dewoint, alarms and status readouts.

Automatic Drain Valve

Electric timed drain valve discharges the condensate from the dryer automaticaly.

Large Cooling Capacity

The AirWave Eco-Dry range of dryers are desiged to keep correct temperature in all environments.


Compressed air contains naturally occurring moisture, which can negatively affect applications that require moisture-free air. Dryers are a common solution for removing moisture content. The most popular option is the refrigerated air dryer because of its ability to reach an acceptable dew point in general industrial plant air applications.

Advantages of refrigerated air dryers


Typical compressor installation


Inline Filtration plays a key role in providing your site with the air quality required to meet your industry standards. Clean compressed air is no longer confined to medical or food processing applications, as industry, manufacturing and automotive sectors can realise its many benefits.

Clean, dry, quality compressed air protects air tools, pneumatic control gear and the system itself from corrosion and other damage, avoiding unnecessary maintenance or downtime.

The filtration grades