Fixed Speed Compressor

5.5 - 15 kw

The eco-speed compressor is the ideal solution for companies wishing to upgrade from a traditional piston compressor. Ideally suited to any industrial or workshop environment.

Digital Control Board

The AirWave Eco-Speed digital controller allows the user to change many useful parameters. The controller benefits from advanced monitoring and maintenance alarms too.

Direct Drive Motor

The electric motor is directly coupled to the compressor air end, for a true direct drive compressor. Low component count means less maintenance is required.

Large Capacity Cooler

High efficiency aluminium air/oil cooler guarantees optimum perfornamce in most environments.

Fixed Speed AM Series


Silent and low vibration, user friendly design, optimized structure, low maintenance cost.

  1. Totally enclosed, silent, and anti-vibration design
  2. Durable filtration components
  3. Unique self-developed motor

Technical Specification

Airwave compressors unique Air-End design increases efficiency and working lifetime.

Full access to all major components which makes it very user friendly for maintenance

Large cooling capacity allows for optimum performance in many enviroments

Rotary Screw Compressor Air End

The heart of an air compressor is the screw pump which is also called air-end. The air-end is the most important part of any screw compressor. It’s that part of the machine where the actual compression takes place.

Why are they so popular? Since it’s a continuous process (as opposed to reciprocating piston compressors) they supply a steady, non-pulsating air flow, with minimum vibrations and maintenance and maximum lifetime.

How does an air-end work? Inside the compressor element are two screws that turn in opposite directions. The rotary screw compressor is a “positive displacement” compressor, which means that the air is physically squeezed together by an external force (like piston and scroll compressors).

In the case of the rotary screw, the air gets trapped between the two rotors. The rotors have a special design for optimal efficiency and performance. One rotor is the “male” and the other is the “female”. The air gets sucked in on one side (cold, low-pressure), and gets trapped between the rotors, and then is discharged out the other side (hot, high pressure).

This compression requires power, which is usually supplied by a electric motor, with the Airwave range of compressors, the airend is powered by the direct drive permanent magnet motor. The unique design of our airend incorporates the electric motor rotor shaft onto the male screw, which increases efficiency and reduces moving components extending its working life.

Quality Control

We practice strict quality control procedures throughout the entire production process from procuring of raw materials, processing of components, assembly of machine, to testing of machine performance.